The elaborately carved swing is the image backdrop for the guests. An vintage masterpiece creation its harking back to the Maharaja days. This can be a excellent contact of nostalgia to make the reception enjoyable. The doorway to the barn has large sliding barn doors, custom carved and hand rubbed with subtle earthy hues of greens and blues. The muse is Mother Nature and inspiration is the rustic romance of previous woods.
The groom's room has arched window mirrors whitewashed to offset the rustic wood partitions. Exuding masculinity the massive wine chest armoire sits on the side and homes the bar. The bride's room has a massive antique arch as a floor mirror, good for pictures and a whimsical damchiya as a make up chest. Bohemian with a touch of whimsy, the fashionable antiques and simplicity of the environment is breathtaking. Armoires positioned strategically work as wine chests and the rustic wooden sideboards are sensible to be used as buffet servers.
Wanting into the space are granite sculptures of elephants and Buddha, placed within the stream of water operating by the acreage.
The dwell band performs hit songs, a mix of the outdated and new and everybody gets up to dance along with the bride and groom. Joyful and romantic the open air wedding within the scenic setting of architectural antiquities is divine and holistic. Merging with nature and drawing in her essence the beginning to a happy everlasting union.

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